Aldebaran View Mod
Screenshot Large size capital ship with 40 rotations.
Categories Graphics
Author Psycholis
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Added (Last modified) 13.01.2010 (13.01.2010)
Game Version 1.0 RC4
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digdug 14.01.2010 01:40

awesome ship, Psycholis ! :D

sdw195 14.01.2010 02:48

implment into ship please

for those people (like me) who dont want to do it :)

sdw195 14.01.2010 02:49


implment into playable mod :)

Darth Saber 14.01.2010 19:55

"Impressive; most impressive."

PKodon 17.01.2010 15:22

Okay, I was looking for some graphics to use for replacement graphics for the FalconCV, now I at least have one new skin for it :)

PKodon 17.01.2010 15:23

Oh yeah, and since I love putting blinking lights on ships, don't be surprised if I do that with this one, too.

sdw195 18.01.2010 22:55

Psycholis if you want me to i will make an xml for this :)

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