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Screenshot ....The Kiunu launchers are here for fighting, killing, be happy, be sad cause it destroyed the wreck too...
There is a collection of 4 Am launchers. One is like a faster Dm1500 (lvl 1), another is like a M5 NEMESIS!!! (but smaaaaler damage, so lvl 5), another like an modified M2 vulcan with thousands of hundreds of... fragments (lvl 8 (or nine, I forgot :))), and the last one explodes in... about 20 missiles but has a normal damage (so isn't a godmod). Report any bugs or very unbalanced things please. Comments welcome.

Don't forgot to have fun and to fight, kill, be happy and be sad cause it destroyed the wreck too...

P.S: Like the screenshot? Is the one with thousand of hundreds of... fragments, named Kiunu heavy launcher!
Don't forgot to click the screenshot! ;)
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Author Little Modder...
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Added (Last modified) 12.01.2010 (12.01.2010)
Game Version 1.0 RC4
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