animated sun View Mod
Screenshot put the 2 images in Resources folder and replace worlds.xml
a 6 frames animated sun taken from a NASA videoclip
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Author digdug
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Added (Last modified) 26.01.2008 (31.01.2008)
Game Version 0.98d
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Gilipheoun 20.04.2012 20:58

Resourses folder? worlds xml? ouch im a newb. plz help.

Gilipheoun 20.04.2012 21:02

Do i not just put the three into my extensions or do i have to make a folder named "Resourses"?

digdug 07.05.2012 03:12

this is an old mod. it's probably not working. I should update it.

Shane Filomena 31.10.2012 00:59


And you know, many players play the Official or older Official versions for ideas, testing and just fun : not everyone keeps up with the Great Test Pilots that brave the new releases.

p.s. I still have Frontier. :) have yet to get my ticket back to Earth.

digdug 31.10.2012 01:39

Thanks Shane. This mod was made back in the day when I was testing the capabilities of the game engine. Can't believe it was 4 years ago ! :)

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