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These reactors will refuel automatically by using a magnetic field to pull fissile material from the ship's environment.
It is a closed system and thus you cannot refuel your ship any other way.
I won't bore you with all the math and scripts that calculate fuel usage and gain, so just fly around and test it out.

Update: (4 DLs)
-Fixed reactor powers for 90mw and 120mw.
-Minor balance changes to refuel values (reduced values for stars, increased values for planets)
UPDATE: (Jan04/10 - 30DLs)
-Added a 1gW version
-Added 3 bussard scoop devices
re-balanced the refueling function and abstracted it to a global function which could be used externally.

Update: Jan6/10
-Ship speed is incorporated into the refuel function.
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Author Prophet
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Added (Last modified) 31.12.2009 (07.01.2010)
Game Version 1.0 RC3
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StealthX 09.02.2010 07:19

Genius! I tried to make reactors solar refuel while playing 0.99c but didn't know how to code the global.

Found 2 bugs for the scoops: they still function even when 1). disabled and/or 2). damaged.

And like patchspiders, they can still be damaged even with device protect armors installed (due to 'external'?)

Androgeos 02.09.2010 05:33

This is a pretty decent mod, recommended for starters who have issues with finding fuel throughout the game (since it tends to be quite a drain on credits at the start). The ramscoop devices are probably a bit too useful; with even the small one, a ship with the Nova-100 reactor and a Titan 440 propulsion drive, mounting a Mark I Howitzer and Heavy Penitent Cannon, can plunge through purple clouds and refuel pretty quickly.

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