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Here is a link including texture resources:
the .max file contains lighting, animation dummy for 40 facings, correct render settings for best-match to vanilla ships, camera, and materials
the .3ds file contains only the camera and materials. Lighting and animation not included.
This pack is only intended to get you started. No modeling programs, computers, meshes or skills were included in this resource pack.
Categories Graphics
Author Azar Wolf
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Added (Last modified) 23.12.2009 (27.12.2009)
Game Version 1.0 RC3
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Darth Saber 24.12.2009 16:16

Okay, now we need some for TrueSpace by Caligari, GMax, Blender... :-)

Azar Wolf 24.12.2009 18:09

I have Gmax resources too somewhere on xelerus...

digdug 25.12.2009 01:07

under graphics category:

Azar Wolf 25.12.2009 04:04

>.> I see what you and taben meant XD

If you want to move this to graphics or that to sources, it's fine with me! :D

Azar Wolf 26.12.2009 17:43

Once I can get alpha 0 of blender to work without crashing for enough time to learn how to use it, I'll assemble an updated package with lighting and animation setup in a .blend file too.

BTW: 2.5.a0 has a FAR SUPERIOR UI to the prior versions of blender. In the 4 mins it ran, I was able to actually DO STUFF (just not really the stuff I was looking to do, as I got sidetracked... and then it crashed....)

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