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New Devices
for George Moromisato's TRANSCENDENCE
by TheLastBrunnenG

Adds 22 new drives, reactors, defense turrets, patchers, and other devices to the game. Place these files in the extensions directory inside your Transcendence installation. These should work with any other mods that don't directly overwrite them.

6 new drives
2 new reactors
5 new enhancers
3 new repair devices
4 new defense systems
2 new miscellaneous items

Thanks to George for an excellent game!

09 FEB 2010 - Initial release.
01 DEC 2011 - Many corrections, additions, and adjustments.
Categories Reactor, Mod Packs, Drive,
Devices, Recommended Mods
Author TheLastBrunnenG
Rating 2   0
Added (Last modified) 23.12.2009 (09.12.2011)
Game Version 1.0 RC6
Filesize 4.79 KB
Downloads 3842
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TheLastBrunnenG 26.01.2010 21:25

26-JAN-2010: Re-uploaded without the Plasma Enhancer. I downloaded Darth Saber's Plasma Enhancer mod to use as a template for my own, then inadvertently left his in place when I created the rest of my own new devices. Apologies!

Darth Saber 27.01.2010 18:41

Thank you, TheLastBrunnenG for your apology and honesty. Apology accepted! :-)

TheLastBrunnenG 10.02.2010 05:24

Note that the low-end (level 1 and 2) drives won't help you unless you're using a playership mod that has very low starting thrust / speed, like a Superfreighter.

dreadfang 13.02.2010 22:08

note that there is an extra </itemtype> on line 423 or so.

TheLastBrunnenG 14.02.2010 03:09

Fixed - thanks! 13-FEB-2010, 137 downloads.

WillyTheSquid 09.03.2012 22:04

Oh yeah. Great mod. Some things could be changed, though -- the Cargo Baffles seem pointless compared to the smuggler's hold...

TheLastBrunnenG 11.06.2012 20:05

True. Cargo baffles don't take up a device slot, though.

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