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*NOTE* fully compatible with Transcendence version 1.08b!

This mod creates 9 new items for repairing weapons, shields and devices.
It uses a basic skill that will reduce your chances of destroying the item as you progress.
Any comments are appreciated.
Categories Quality approved, Misc, Devices,
Balance approved, Recommended Mods, Usable
Author Prophet
Rating 4   0
Added (Last modified) 23.12.2009 (08.02.2010)
Game Version 1.0 RC6
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WillyTheSquid 20.03.2012 09:51

Use this one all the time. I like it better than the Wrench or similar mods. Seems very well balanced. Highly, highly recommended.

Star Weaver 17.05.2012 22:37

Dang, I missed this mod till willy mentioned it in chat

Star Weaver 17.05.2012 22:37

Ohh, I stopped my mod search just before stuff marked for RC versions.

WillyTheSquid 25.05.2012 09:53

Have you tried it? I'm a big fan of this system.

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