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Screenshot this is a christmas tree for you

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compatible with 99c-1.0
Categories Ship (Player)
Author sdw195
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Added (Last modified) 22.12.2009 (22.04.2010)
Game Version 1.01
Filesize 631.7 KB
Downloads 710
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Azar Wolf 22.12.2009 21:03

This is not balanced. It has 3000 tons of etherium ore. Thus it is a godmod and needs to be moved.

Azar Wolf 22.12.2009 21:03

Or just remove the etherium ore...

sdw195 22.12.2009 21:05

i will remove the ore

digdug 22.12.2009 21:15

fix also the maxdevices (50!) and the xm900 missiles (100, that's 15000 starting credits)

sdw195 22.12.2009 23:45

yep ok

Azar Wolf 23.12.2009 01:28

Here is your latest version I've reviewed.

I made some changes and annotations. Try going for armor of level III or level II and shields of level II.

sdw195 07.01.2010 03:10

fixed 36 downloads

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