Freehold of Haven View Mod
Screenshot A new sovereign with 6 ship models and a station. About half the time they will be hostile. Less if you're in trouble with the black market, more if you've got high Domina piety.
Has a few new weapons, including a limited missile pod system based on digdug's code.
Categories Station, Ship (Friendly), Ship (Enemy),
Graphics, Weapon
Author Atarlost
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Added (Last modified) 09.12.2009 (09.12.2009)
Game Version 1.0 RC2
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Atarlost 09.12.2009 06:33

Currently I've got an odd bug where I'm seeing the scripts displayed as messages, though they are also executing properly. Help wanted.

Atarlost 09.12.2009 22:25

Bug fixed. Thank you Alterecco.

Aeonic 18.12.2009 20:49

How are you rendering those ships? They look really good at 1/2 resolution in my image editor, but they get blurry up close. Have you tried rendering them at 2 to 4 times their normal size and then resizing them down?

Aeonic 18.12.2009 20:53

Maybe you should resize them 50% anyway since they look pretty sweet at that size.

Atarlost 19.12.2009 02:31

They're rendered with 5x oversampling, which is in theory I think equivalent to rendering at 5 times the size and rescaling, but in practice doesn't seem to be. They're certainly a lot blurrier than the NW ships, which I did render large and resize. The current sizes are "right" relative to other ships for the most part, though the gunship and fighter may be a little large.

Little Modder... 07.01.2010 21:30

It is a very cool mod!

bigvan 01.12.2010 02:49

love it! it would be nice if you could have playerships of the gunships that are gaurding the statiln

bigvan 27.12.2010 20:13

It would awesome if we had a playership of the Ayn Rand-class crusier.

Shane Filomena 06.06.2011 05:57

I enjoy this in my game: but I HATE your weapons, they wipe out my shields! ,

Darn aliens :)


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