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Screenshot **NOTE** this version is obsolete. Get Captain's Log v3.1 HERE:


A captain's log / journal

It lets you type notes to yourself within the game and keeps a running log of all of them, with the system that each note was written in.

Works with or without dockscreen framework.

Don't just drop it all in the extensions folder, some files included conflict with each other or other mods, see readme for details.
Categories Obsolete, Misc, DockScreens
Author Bobby
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Added (Last modified) 16.11.2009 (04.03.2010)
Game Version 1.0 RC1
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Downloads 1944
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Bobby 17.11.2009 00:29

Updated, now supports a "backspace" key.

Bobby 13.01.2010 01:01

re-uploaded Jan 12, 2010. backspace is much more useful now that you can add onto an existing entry without creating a new line, also changed "Cancel" to "Done" on the delete page.

Jeoshua 03.03.2010 20:14

Sadly, this doesn't seem to work with RC8. Just gives a bunch of commands in the area on the right.

Bobby 04.03.2010 00:15

I don't get that problem, can you link to a screenshot?

Jeoshua 04.03.2010 01:18

Upon closer inspection, it seems to work well once one has input an entry. Before that point, with no entries in the log, it seems the code hiccups and displays "Exception in scrGetListEntry; arg = (gScreen) (gScreen) ### scrGetListEntry gScreen) ###"

It is not, as I stated, related to 1.0RC8. Rather, it seems to be either an initialization issue or an off-by-one error that happens when theres nothing to display.

Jeoshua 04.03.2010 01:20

Actually, upon CLOSER inspection it does this every time I open the log. It works fine, and is mainly a cosmetic error.

Bobby 04.03.2010 03:34

Re-uploaded at 143 downloads on March 3, 2010.

Fixed. The problem was in the DSF advertiser ("external interface" launch method only). Other than that one line of text is slightly different in this update.

Jeoshua 04.03.2010 03:38

And it's sleeker and sexier too, by 2 whole kB. Bobby, you're the man.

IceMephit 25.02.2011 17:29

Does not work in 104. System names do not appear, shows *NIL* instead and stations aren't listed. Can you update this mod? Please? I can't play without it. I'm space.

WillyTheSquid 12.02.2012 11:13

Would love for you or someone else to update this...

WillyTheSquid 21.03.2012 15:22

This version is obsolete. Get the more recent one here:

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