Tractor Beam View Mod
A fully working tractor beam weapon. Should be able to be used by the AI. limitations are that you will take small amounts of damage when the ship is underneath you, and that it has a tendency to destroy low level ships. I'm sorry for submitting another mod before registering my UNID, but I thought this was quite cool and wanted to share.
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Author alex
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Added (Last modified) 15.11.2009 (15.11.2009)
Game Version 1.0 RC2
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digdug 15.11.2009 23:58

cool indeed, I hope that you have used the same UNID as for the previous mod, and that this UNID is the one you are going to register soon :D

Azar Wolf 16.11.2009 00:41

are you registered on the forums or the wiki yet?

If not, join us on IRC here:

and we can get your UNID registered

Aeonic 16.11.2009 13:08

Can this be abused to move things like stations or carriers, dragging ships out of dock, etc...?

alex 16.11.2009 18:36

It will not work on stations, ships in dock or CSC's. I am working on a version that will stop pulling the target in when it is too close to the playership, and trying to get rid of all the explosions.

digdug 26.11.2009 12:11

11 days passed and no registration of the UNID has been done...

Rules states that this is going to be removed.

alex 02.12.2009 20:23

Could someone charitable please register me?

I've still had no luck with george, and I seem to have used up all my E-mail accounts trying to create forum accounts. (this may have annoyed him and been the reason for my problems)

I'm really sorry for late response. I'll try and get it sorted.

Darth Saber 07.12.2009 17:30

If you need any help registering, email me at, and I will help you.

Iocrymdestroyer 02.04.2010 17:54

Is it alright if I use this in one of my mods? I will give you credit.

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