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Brought to you by IceMephit Industries:

Now you can have your very own mining vessel. It comes complete with a mining laser, miners cargo hold, laser collimater, photo-organic armor and a class I deflector. Mine in style and comfort. Easily upgraded to a versitile fighter.............
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Author IceMephit
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Added (Last modified) 14.11.2009 (14.11.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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Naminator5 14.11.2009 21:15

Looks nice, but the main problem I see is the armor optional upgrade. It's 0 tons, which means you cannot replace the armor it comes with. It'd be extremely difficult going through the game with crappy armor.

Naminator5 14.11.2009 21:18

Yikes, comment error. Also, I just noticed when I played it that the shield graphic of the ship is messed up. I'm seeing white boxes around it.

IceMephit 14.11.2009 21:26

Ok, I fixed the shield graphics and i think i fixed the armor upgrade, but i am not too sure.

Naminator5 14.11.2009 21:33

Everything looks fine. I'm thinking that the armor upgrade size is a little small, because the best armor you're limited too is like up to level 8. I think increasing the size by one more ton would be better.

digdug 14.11.2009 21:43

increasing the armor limit to 4500 (instead of 4000) will give access to diamond lattice armor (level 10).

I think that 880 tons of cargo is a bit too much, maybe 200-300 tons would be a good idea. Remember that the freighter has a limit at 200 (non upgradable) with max 2 weapons, your ship has 3 weapons limit. It's good that you limited the armor to balance it.

IceMephit 14.11.2009 21:47

ok, i'll increase armor upgrade and decrease the cargo size. I want it balanced, so.. thx for the feedback.

Aeonic 14.11.2009 22:16

In my opinion: maxSpeed is too high for this kind of ship. cargoSpace should be less than a freighter, so perhaps ~150, I have no idea why you cranked cyberDefenseLevel up so high since normal ships have this at 0.

I also think you have the class and type backwards, since I'd imagine it should read:

"IM-01B-class armored miner"

And to fit in with the rest of the game the "armored miner" part should be lowercase.

Also, where does the armored miner come in? It looks no more armored than any other miner.

IceMephit 14.11.2009 22:29

MaxSpeed dropped, cargo space lowered some and I switched class and type (looks better). Thank you for the input, this has been a bit more difficult than i had imagined. Oh, the "armored" part comes from *chuckles to self* the deflector and the photo-organic. Just look around, you won't find one these babies just lying around anywhere! :)

Shane Filomena 06.06.2011 05:49

Must have this: thankyou:)

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