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This is the last variant on the them I'm planning. This includes Digdug's Weapons Extended 2 (407) and Weapon Randomizer (408) (modified with permission) in addition to everything in Transcendence Rebalanced Plus (550)

See readme for details. This is a standalone mod. Other weaponpacks will usually not work with the weapons randomiser unless they specificly claim compatability.
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Author Atarlost
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Added (Last modified) 16.10.2009 (25.01.2010)
Game Version 0.99c
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hon 17.10.2009 03:49

Says Unable to add image to library: 8d0b930

hon 17.10.2009 03:53

delete the "WERB_illegal weapons" file debugger says "Unable to add image to library: 6679fa8" delete the "WE_weaponRandomizer" file and it works minus those plugins

Atarlost 17.10.2009 08:26

Those errors should not be possible. First off, UNIDs are 32 bits, both the numbers you gave are 28 bit hex. Second, all the images used by those files are either in the D25C range registered to Digdug, or in the 0804 range or below, registered to the core game engine. Please check your error codes. If you are using the linux port do not use this mod. The weapon randomizer does not work in linux. If you wish to use this mod with linux you'll need to use WINE. This should not effect "WERB_illegal weapons.xml" though.

digdug 17.10.2009 19:34

hon, have you extracted all the files AND folders ?

hon 17.10.2009 20:01

Thank you for your help. I am on windows XP. I re-downloaded transcendence and the extension, but still get the same problem. Thank you for your other extensions, I hope I can get this to work.

Jeoshua 17.10.2009 20:01

I get the same errors. All files extracted, all referenced images are in the correct places. Note there is a WE_WeaponRandomizer and a WERB_WeaponRandomizer. I suspect based on the code you only need one.

Atarlost 17.10.2009 21:49

All WE_x files except the dockscreen overrides (WE_unknown items, WE_weaponrandomizer, and WE_illegal items) are the result of an error assembling the zip. Delete those files and try again. Reuploading a zip without that error. Reuploading now, though I'm still not sure how you could possibly get the errors you did since there is no image 8dob930 or 6679fa8 defined in the mod. No files have changed, so if you've allready downloaded you can just delete the three file listed above rather than redownloading.

hon 18.10.2009 05:11

The extension works for me now. Thank you!

Atarlost 21.10.2009 23:49

Update. Now uses digdug's 1.16 weapons randomizer code. Also includes a fix for a possible problem at Point Juno. Ares fleet leaders are no longer randomized. Previously they could get equipment that made it completely impossible to defend the station.

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