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Screenshot Aristar Industries is proud to announce its newest addtion to your weapons arsenal: the Arc Cannon. Firing an arc of singularity matter, this cannon utilizes a weapons' fire graphic never before seen in Transcendence: an arc. Special Thanks to Digdug, without whose help, this mod would not be released. Please read the credits.txt for more info. Click on the screenshot to see the graphics better.
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Author Darth Saber
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Added (Last modified) 11.09.2009 (11.09.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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Kurandra 29.06.2010 11:24

Cool! This is the first singularity weapo ive seen.

bigvan 01.12.2010 06:09

it's almost mass destruction

Darth Saber 03.12.2010 22:49

Bigvan, the arc cannon has a "weapon of mass destruction (WMD) rating of one.

Kurandra, as far as I know, it is the only singularity weapon thus far created.

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