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Screenshot Aristar Industries is proud to announce the release of its newest fighter, the Wakasashi, to the public. Armed with dual rail guns, this fighter will quickly pulverize any foe. Comes equipped with a solar charger to re-energize your cell phone, iPod, laser cannons, and other non-essential, miscellaneous equipment. Special thanks to Kamikaze; explanation in the credits.
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Author Darth Saber
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Added (Last modified) 09.09.2009 (09.09.2009)
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chucktonica 24.09.2009 04:25

interesting design, weapons good I like it but one idea I have you could run with is a player ship based on battlestar galactica, a battlestar, viper and raptor, all these would make sweet player ships. I am not a great modder but I do have cool ideas.

Darth Saber 25.09.2009 19:33

Thank you for the feedback, Chucktonica. I am working on a BSG mod, although it will take a few days to iron out...

chucktonica 26.09.2009 04:53

Thanks for the reply Saber, I thought no one was listening I like the mods that represent everyones favorite scifi shows, I think it puts the player in the cockpit a bit more. thanks again, btw, your mods are excellent!

Darth Saber 26.09.2009 16:13

Have you tried my Star Destroyer mod yet? It is located in my current modpack.

chucktonica 26.09.2009 20:05

yes, it is pretty cool I dont use it much, but when I feel like scaring the other ships in the game ride the big scarry destroyer at em and crush em.

firelancer409 28.04.2012 00:58

No offence, but dont you think 500MW reactor is high.

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