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Screenshot This modpack contains all of my playerships to date. Some of the bitmaps have been converted from *bmp to *jpg, and thus should load faster. Please note that those which use my graphics are in 2D. August 17, 2009 2:06pm CST - Screenshot Added.

Mod overhauled on 9-28-09.
Categories Ship (Player), Mod Packs, Graphics
Author Darth Saber
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Added (Last modified) 15.06.2009 (29.09.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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Darth Saber 16.06.2009 14:24

There are over 11 playerships inside this modpack.

digdug 16.06.2009 20:10

great job Darth Saber ! :D

digdug 21.06.2009 04:49

Darth Saber, what about putting a nice screenshot on this fine modpack showing your ships ? :D

Darth Saber 22.06.2009 18:18

I'll see what I can do, although I cannot promise that each ship will be distinclty visible, there being so many of them.

Darth Saber 17.08.2009 21:09

A little late, but here's that screenshot you requested Digdug! :-)

digdug 18.08.2009 02:15

very cool!!!! thanks :D

BrolyLSSJ5 26.09.2009 22:22

darth saber, the verpine fighter can't load due to an extension problem: please change -bitmask="VerpineBM.bmp"- to -bitmask="VerpineBM.jpg"-

the ship "Lightning Sphere" can't load due to an extension problem: please change -bitmap="LSBP.jpg"- to -bitmap="LSBP.bmp"-

Darth Saber 28.09.2009 17:26

Hmmm, I thought that I had fixed that; thank you BrolySSJS, I will correct the errors within three days.

Darth Saber 29.09.2009 19:08

BrolySSJS: I have revamped my mod, and have tested the ships in a fresh Trans. enviroment. Please remove all previous versions and install this version. Thank you.

BrolyLSSJ5 29.09.2009 23:20

I'have removed all custom ships from my pack due to a size problem: we can upload only 5mb on xelerus, but a full pack will be around 10mb, so, instead of remove only some ships, I've removed them all! ;)

BrolyLSSJ5 29.09.2009 23:37

Testing your pack I've founded these issues, so I tought I should tell you about them ;)

Darth Saber 30.09.2009 18:06

I am glad that you did; it gave me a chance to improve that which I had already created.

Little Modder... 06.01.2010 20:40

DarthSaber, really nice modpack, but can you do a little something? Pack them in a single folder, because it will be much easier to extract...

Darth Saber 08.01.2010 22:25

Little Modder, the purpose is so that only what is needed could be extracted, by category. Use the Windows "search" feature, and type: *.bmp *.jpg *.xml *.txt into the criteria text box. Then click on the "search in" area and choose the folder where you placed the downloaded archive. Click on "advanced options" and choose the option which will allow you to search archives. Click the start button, and everything from the archive will be displayed together. Chance your view to icon mode, click in the window where the files are shown and press ctrl + A. This will select everything; then right click and choose copy, and then open the "extensions" folder in Transcendence, right click and choose paste. All of the files from the archive will then be extracted to the "extensions" folder.

Tyber Zann 13.11.2010 10:20

Darth Saber This is awesome Arse Kiss Arse kiss... I dare you to make The Executer.

Darth Saber 03.12.2010 22:54

Okay Tyber Zahn, I accept the challenge.

Star Weaver 03.12.2010 23:47

RE Little Modder; You can have stuff nested indefinatly far down in your Extensions folder as long as no directory begins with a _

Orthag 31.03.2011 02:26

This needs updated to work with 1.05.

Delta3 04.08.2011 04:18

I installed the mod, but it didn't add any playerships. Please help.

Darth Saber 13.05.2013 19:57

Depending on what version of Transcendence you are using Delta3, you may have to enable the extensions box in the Transcendence UI before you can use them. I found this out the hard way. :-)

Phillip 23.08.2013 16:59

i have used this mod , but my game send the message "unknown image .....". i have transcendence version 1.1 .

Phillip 14.09.2013 10:45

Probably, the jpg images are guility.

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