TX2 DEMO - Ver2.2 3 playerships [w/custom 3D graphics] View Mod
===Very old, outdated mod. TSB has superseded TX2, these ships are no longer used in it===

3 all-new playerships from my Transcendence eXtended 2 mod:
http://forums.devdb.org/index.php?board=11 .0
These include the Antares VIII, the Wolfen III and the Kineticore II.
Kudos to kittehbob/evilbob for his 6/12 armor display.
NOTE: this mod is from the pre-alpha version of TX2. as such, it does not contain any custom shield graphics (they all use the sapphire's) and the armor display on the Antares VIII needs some tweaking to show all segments nicely.

Note #2- Do not reuse TX2 ship graphics in another mod without my explicit permission. [this is for a number of reasons]
Evilbob's armor graphics ARE reusable as they are meant for mod developers to re-use.

2.0:Textured versions of ships put in.
2.1:Crash fixed
2.2:Mask file fixed
Categories Ship (Player), Graphics
Author Azar Wolf
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Added (Last modified) 09.06.2009 (11.07.2010)
Game Version 1.0 RC3
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Mod Modder 11.06.2009 20:33

WOW....Coooool man!

Azar Wolf 18.06.2009 23:08

I'll be releasing an updated version soon with new graphics [high quality masks and higher detail/remoddeled ships]...

Check out my thread on the forums for more details!


Azar Wolf 30.06.2009 00:30


I have a pre-alpha for TX2 running over here:


registration is needed, however, that's since I want all pre-alpha bug posts and suggestion posts kept in that pre-alpha forum.

download is avaliable here:


Azar Wolf 18.07.2009 18:03

Will be soon re-released with new [textured] graphics, and some modifications to the wolfen III as well.

Azar Wolf 25.07.2009 00:26

also added for the re-release will be the wolfen II

Azar Wolf 22.12.2009 17:32

Finally updated this... I need to put in a new screen now.

Curudan 22.12.2009 20:25

I'm getting an error when I try to launch RC3 with this mod installed: Invalid UNID: d314f307 [does not match extension UNID or override base type]

This is in a fresh install of RC3 without any other mods installed.

Azar Wolf 22.12.2009 20:29

Try it again: should be fixed now.

It was caused by my updates

Azar Wolf 22.12.2009 20:52

Fixed again.

Orthag 18.04.2011 02:56

The Wolfen III doesn't work right, the graphics are weird, it's kinda hard to describe.

TheNewKid 23.04.2011 10:11

I can't download the Pre-Alpha TX2 because I'm not a member, and when I try to register it's say that the Register is disabled. Please help me!

(Sorry if my English is bad. I'm a Indonesian)

StealthX 23.04.2011 15:44

Bang, TX2 sudah ganti nama jadi TSB, dan modnya Wolfy belum diselesaikan. Mungkin kita harus tungu lama loh bang.

(Sorry if my Indonesian is bad. I stopped my Indonesian education since klas empat.) ;)

TheNewKid 24.04.2011 02:44

Thanks for the info StelathX. And, actually I'm a student in Junior High.

sandlike 18.08.2012 04:19

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