18 Deg Swivel Weapons View Mod
Overrides weapons to add small amount of swivel.

Inspired by Blitz' swivel mod for previous versions
Categories Weapon
Author kaypy
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Added (Last modified) 08.07.2007 (15.07.2007)
Game Version 0.98b
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kaypy 15.07.2007 13:37

Uploaded a fix for the luminous drones firing the wrong way

Blitz 07.01.2010 11:32

Good that someone took it to the next version. I'm thinking of remaking this for this version. Although player ships now have 40 facings, all enemy ships still have only 20. It'll should make the game a lot more challenging. But the problem is, how to do it? Should i mod the weapons or the ships. If i mod the weapons, the player gets an unfair amount of swivel, but if i mod the ships, the player gets no swivel at all. Any ideas?

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