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7 mods made by Little Modder...
All of them contains 25 items in total and many more errors.
Repacked for maintenance.
Categories Broken Mods
Author digdug
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Added (Last modified) 01.06.2009 (04.01.2010)
Game Version 0.99c
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Shane Filomena 18.04.2011 07:18

340_Threeweapons in 1.01 / 1.05 : they worked. I think that needs to come out and play, little modder might try too hard, but not everything was broken.

Shane Filomena 18.04.2011 07:28

336: Zircush Howitzer: 1.01: worked.

367 367_RicosSingularityFBomb : 1.01 : worked ( but it displays as a shield when it is a weapon slot : it is an FBomb like the shrines have

Shane Filomena 18.04.2011 07:30

Done testing : this stuff needs to be reviewed, not simply booted because he tried too hard in something that broke once upon a universe.

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