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Don't get too excited, this is still a work in progress...
Galactic Traders is a mod I have had lying around for quite some time. The end goal is to add some form of trading to Transcendence, but for now it is no where near that.
ATM this adds item respawn to stations you have already visited, at random intervals. It has been argued that this breaks gameplay a lot, and maybe it does, but I would like some feedback from the community on how it works.
So. Please try it and comment your experience. You must start a game from scratch to make use of it.
Have fun.
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Author alterecco
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Added (Last modified) 15.05.2009 (26.05.2009)
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Branden 15.05.2009 13:29


Branden 15.05.2009 13:31

Sorry for the double comment, but why is this version a tad smaller then the other version that you had posted on irc? Any changes, or is it just a mere fluke?

nrt677 15.05.2009 15:11

Why did you uploaded to "Work in Progress"?

alterecco 15.05.2009 15:33

It's smaller because I cleaned it up a bit. There was quite alot of functions in the old version I have learned to do simpler since I first made it. It is in the Work in Progress category because... wait, didn't you read the description? :D

digdug 15.05.2009 20:09

marvelous ! :D

digdug 26.05.2009 00:16

moved to development!

danish 20.11.2009 06:36

One idea might be to spawn one percent of the total amount every 10 min or so, so that the player is compelled to come back much later to make a profit.

Atarlost 20.11.2009 19:57

Unless the rate of income from eg the fuel depot-ice far-restaraunt run is lower than the price of the fuel used waiting for restocks it's unlimited money. That's assuming demand also refreshes, which logicaly it should. As long as demand refreshes as well as supply it's infinite money no matter what the rate if you have enough solar to meet your power needs.

ptbptb 21.05.2010 14:09

I have modified a version of this mod as follows:

* Increased time between station refreshes

* At each refresh (~ 20 minutes) quantity of "buy only" items is reduced by 1/3. * Rather than completely restock, existing items are left in place and for each item found in the 're stock list' there is a 1/50 chance of some quantity being added. I find this to be quite well balanced. You can trade in ore, etc., without risking ending up with unsellable rubbish filling your cargo. However you will need to go between a few systems or have a lot of patience. The 'new stock' is rare enough that it is unlikely to make you rich, but it should make a nice surprise on occasion.

If anyone wants to see the specific changes they can send me a PM.

ptbptb 27.05.2010 19:08

Actually, it looks like the mining stations don't get any more ore when it updates. Is that just me?

alterecco 30.05.2010 03:39

Sounds like you have made some good changes to this. If you would like to integrate them into the mod, just contact me, and lets see what we can do. I have actually not looked at this in a long time, and have some more pressing T stuff to do, but it would be fun to revisit and rework it one day

ptbptb 30.05.2010 09:59

I'm still playing with it for now. I'll certainly let you know when (if?) I'm happy with what I've got. ;-)

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