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This mod contains 3 new playerships with my own graphics.

The advanced Molotok, the SR71 Blackbird (working), and The Juggernaut, a huge dreadnought.
Categories Ship (Player)
Author Prophet
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Added (Last modified) 29.04.2009 (29.04.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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IceMephit 20.11.2010 13:44

I love this ship. Quick, stealthy, and looks cool

Arrakkh 22.01.2011 12:35

awesome the molotok

drailgre 10.05.2012 01:54

Everytime i get transcendence again, this is the first mod i get

Star Weaver 15.06.2012 10:37

The molotok graphic is freaking sweet. This is gonna need a PSD upgrade (and a dang screenshot!) too.

davidbfgday 02.10.2012 03:18

why no pic?

davidbfgday 02.10.2012 03:22

also you are getting riped of there is a mod now that lets you play as all ships in game

Alfael X 25.10.2012 16:45

Dang! Man these ships are friggin' cool. I wish that they were in PSD V7... ;-)

Kenobi 14.11.2013 19:36

Loved the Molotok, hated the rest. Juggernaut is like trying to ride a bike up an 80 degree angle, and the blackbirds weapon is just... confusing.

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