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This is the Adventure Topology Accelerator Mod, created to allow you to swiftly implement more complex gate networks through the use of code to place gates instead of manually adding gates to star systems.
I dragged this out of my archives in the hopes that somebody will use it make awesome complex networks.
I will attempt to find the time to rewrite this mod once 0.99d comes out in order to incorporate the dynamic gate creation script I wrote as well and give it a little more ability to handle special gate situations.

Includes sample topology! Override for all standard and unique game systems! Huaramarca gate bug fixed!

Please refer to this topic for instructions:
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Author Periculi
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Added (Last modified) 27.04.2009 (27.04.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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digdug 27.04.2009 19:59


Darth Saber 27.04.2009 20:52

Was there a Huaramarca gate bug?

Periculi 27.04.2009 22:25

In the default topology the Huara gate was added the same way as this mod places all the gates, which caused some strange behavior from this mod trying to add a gate the was getting added by other code. I fixed it to exclude that gate and system, so that there aren't any more conflicts.

I would recommend using it on new topologies that don't use the default game topology, that way none of the specialty systems will have any problems. This mod is pretty much a tool for topology designers, rather than for the average player to use-> it's take a bit of knowledge about transcendence to make the best use of it.

digdug 27.04.2009 22:41

Moved to Developers Vault !

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