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Ever dream of starting your own empire?
Now you can!
Look for the Real Estate Broker in the later systems to purchase your own station construction kits!
Currently available:
Ammo Factory
-Need more ammo for that shiny launcher?
Fuel Factory
-Can't fill your Hyperion Reactor?
-What else are you going to do with all that loot?
-3 versions currently available.
Categories Station
Author Prophet
Rating 4   0
Added (Last modified) 20.04.2009 (27.04.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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Pedro Yuri 20.04.2009 20:37

Very good Prophet much very good.But it will be more better if you have placed more buildings like a station that you place things and more and more ships go to buy things on them.

ninja7 20.04.2009 23:04

Very nice idea. :D

digdug 12.05.2009 00:49


atrakaj 05.08.2009 09:16

Awesome, Prophet. I had been needing this.

Little Modder... 07.01.2010 07:39

11/10! Very good~!

Leo 12.07.2010 23:17

i have only 1.01 version. And i can't find this Real Estate Broker =___=

as it looks?

Azar Wolf 12.07.2010 23:50

0.99c is an older version of transcendence than 1.01, so you should be fine.

Leo 13.07.2010 09:00

I used SystemMapROM, but he never appeared.

Leo 13.07.2010 10:46

found. Broker sometimes does not appear. when i buy the station and walk out of the Broker, WindowsXP gives an error and close Transcendence T___T

Leo 15.07.2010 16:27

It would be very cool if the station could create small robots as Farian Colony, to collect the ore.

Azar Wolf 15.07.2010 21:59

Hmmm, I'll tell prophet, see if he can fix the mod

Shane Filomena 07.06.2012 00:08

My Great Idol of Extensions whom I studied first is Prophet. not all of the stuff is perfect, whgich is why it was more believable to me that I could actually do stuff for the game because perfect was not and is not exactly ever going to happen for any of us.

the Broker ( expensive place to shop ) i made mine stronger and more interactive for DySys systems because I am also a fan of RPC. like many stations it is random : unless scripted in you can not see many stations in a regular universe : have you met the Tree Museum ?

but I love the Ferian idea : crosses abit to the Mining Auton but I like the idea... not with a plasma torch , i had system crashes over Autons using that.

Zeratos 10.03.2014 20:07

best fuckin' mod ever

Peter 13.04.2014 03:02

I have been looking all over for a mod like this, now I can't wait to get started!

Peter 13.04.2014 05:03

Ok I tried this and it was a huge letdown. The Station graphics are horrible and its not customizable enough. You should be able to sell stuff at it and also the price for the stations is way to high.

Silverwolf 31.10.2014 21:08

I think it's a bit lacking when it comes to station Variety. i think that a station that can make weapons,armor and autos would be great

Peter 07.11.2014 09:16

What I would like to see in a station that I own, is other vessels docking with it and buying stuff I put on sale and selling stuff that i've listed in an option on the station. That would be amazing. Also if we could get it to build fleet members for us and also be able to move with some teleportation device so we can advance it through the galazies. That would be amazing because then we could upgrade it and move along as we get better

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