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This mod allows you to change the sovereign that you belong tom. For example, an ares imitation ROM will ally you with the Ares! A normal imitation ROM will change you back, but it's probably hard to get one when you're an enemy of the Commonwealth.
Categories Misc
Author e_____e
Rating 2   0
Added (Last modified) 20.10.2007 (20.10.2007)
Game Version 0.98c
Filesize 805 B
Downloads 1812
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schilcote 26.03.2008 23:28

You didn't set the unknowntype right, and they shouldn't be unknown anyway.

Darth Saber 14.09.2009 19:56

I love this mod; e_____e, you did a good job!

Zeratos 11.03.2014 17:20

doe's it work for the sung ?

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