Grand Wolfen View Mod
Screenshot Behold the Grand Wolfen!

After seeing the Charter and Military success of the Wolfen Gunship, Soggy Industries, Ever hungry for new developments, manufactured, the GRAND WOLFEN!

Being faster, having a quantum compression cargo space, and fitted with the first; Special edition Engine, it features a new HUD.

Complete with the Grand Lancers, a CIIDB, a Star Chart and a bipolar engine exhaust mechanism, for more spatial control, the only thing standing in it's way, is the ever eager commonwealth consumers, being, at first, attracted to the splendor Red Hull!

EDIT: Now updated, New icons for CIIDB and StarChart, and new version, New Grand Lancers.
Also, no more insane Cargo Space and Device Slots. 150 and 12 respectively.

GAH: Didn't realize that you lose Quality Approved when re upload.
Categories Ship (Player), Quality approved
Author soggydoggy
Rating 9   0
Added (Last modified) 14.04.2009 (09.08.2010)
Game Version 1.02
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ninja7 15.04.2009 01:21

wow nice graphics

Darth Saber 15.04.2009 16:52

Good job soggydoggy; a well rounded ship. Did you use GIMP to make the ship all red, or another program?

soggydoggy 09.08.2010 11:48

OK, been inactive for around 1 and 1/2 years, ah well, first re-uploaded mod, made some changes but is all good now, hope you still like it. :)

alterecco 09.08.2010 16:34

reapplied quality rating. Nice job soggydoggy, and welcome back!

soggydoggy 09.08.2010 17:42


drailgre 14.02.2011 02:24

HA i use gimp

DarkCherub 16.02.2012 08:30

I wish you could change the look a bit too... I mean other than just adding red. Otherwise... I'd probably be ready to pay for this mod. Very done and kudos to soggy industries!:D

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