Pardus Sabre MK-2 View Mod
Since the new Sabre was redesigned to be smaller I added the old (bigger) ship and tweaked it a bit (added a new description and an extra weapon slot)
Credits to skatingtortoise for the original :)

I've balanced this ship, and updated it to the latest release.
Categories Ship (Player)
Author lampshade
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Added (Last modified) 09.04.2009 (10.01.2010)
Game Version 1.0 RC4
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Prophet 13.04.2009 06:13

I love the pardus ships, excellent graphics!

A couple of notes though, all the unids use the 'rs' prefix which usually denotes resources (images). I don't believe it causes any issues with the game. All the ships come with the nearly identical equipment, is that done purposefully?

So far, my fav is the interceptor, very sleek!

Great job!

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