Antimatter Mining Laser View Mod
Developed by Aristar Industries, this mining laser uses a cylindrical column of carefully tuned antimatter energy to burn away the dross and leave the precious ore revealed for collection. Since this was not intended as a weapon, I have placed it here as a usable item.
Categories Weapon
Author Darth Saber
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Added (Last modified) 03.04.2009 (03.04.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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digdug 03.04.2009 19:20

It's a <Weapon>, so I moved it to the appropriate category: weapon.

The price is low, but otherwise it's a nice well balanced weapon.

Good job Darth Saber. :D

Darth Saber 06.04.2009 15:14

Thank you, digdug. We aim to please...

Prophet 07.04.2009 13:24


PowerUse 40 is a little low for lvl 6,

Another great weapon by Aristar Industries!

Darth Saber 07.04.2009 17:01

We, at Aristar Industries strive to create devices which have minimal power and maximum efficiency; it's part of our mission statement.

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