SI Commonwealth Military Station View Mod
Screenshot A new Station I made using one of Delven6's Station graphics. various of these graphics can be found at .
It is a military installation that sells and installs high military equipment and alien devices. can be found later in the game, part of the commonwealth so don't piss them off.
Functions like a military base but with more stuff and defense stations orbiting it.

EDIT: Now re-uploaded. Changed a few functions too.
Categories Quality approved, Station
Author soggydoggy
Rating 7   1
Added (Last modified) 27.03.2009 (09.08.2010)
Game Version 1.02
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Kurandra 29.06.2010 12:02

546 Downloads and no Comments. -_- Looks nice!

alterecco 09.08.2010 23:56

Nice job, the code looks good :)

Shane Filomena 01.05.2011 12:28

I only like these for scenery: never docked at one: but I might add:I did notice that Super capital ships don't try to destroy it for some reason; in my game anyway; but the defense pods do get taken out. I would only like to see it a little stronger on defense, but otherwise enjoy having it in my game.

WillyTheSquid 20.03.2012 09:54

Doesn't work for me. At all.

Cimanyd 15.06.2012 21:40

This acts exactly like a Commonwealth militia fortress for me. It even gave me Rama... even though I already have him.

FourFire 23.08.2012 17:51

I'd appreciate it if this mod was updated.

I tried this mod (in 1.08b) and it seemed to just stop all commonwealth fortresses from spawning at all.

Peter 15.05.2014 10:46

Really nice mod. I have this. I haven't seen one yet but I am mostly just testing my mods right now so I haven't gotten very far. Good job :D

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