SI Hornet LSAC View Mod
Screenshot The Soggy Industries Hornet Light Space Assault Vehicle if the pride of the Commonwealth Military Fleet. Initially a developed idea surrounding the old Hornet Battle Pod, the LSAC soon became militarist marvel.

A sleek agile hull, new Cyclotron Shields, Cargo Compression, fitted with the innovative LSACannon and installed with SI Patented CIIDB and StarChart Software, the Hornet LSAC is perfect for Galactic Combat.

EDIT: Whole new ship, made for latest version, my own Ship Graphic, much better than the original.

EDIT II: Removed old comments, (irrelevant now) but lost QA again.
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Author soggydoggy
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Added (Last modified) 26.03.2009 (09.08.2010)
Game Version 1.02
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soggydoggy 09.08.2010 17:40

The Second mod I've re-uploaded, Very proud of this, my own ship graphic with unique HUD and new equipment. Hope you all like it!

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