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Screenshot this is a tool i devised to help with making ship shield images.

it is for having multiple types of shield display that you can quickly experiment with, switching ring types, adding advanced effects like color-shifting center circles(included red)and others.

the image is a photoshop document, but it has only been tested in gimp. it includes instructions in itself to make positioning the ship centered in all frames easy, tested in gimp 2.6.4

it should be compatible with all versions of Transcendence.

image is released free and as-is, us it however you want but i am not responsible etc.
if someone would like to add a component to this image, such as a different ring or a new color scheme contact me and i will add it, file size permitting, include the name to have that component given credit to in the layer name.

UPDATE: all three types of center now available, at 38 downloads.
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ninja7 05.04.2009 18:40

what do you do to make it work?

Bobby 05.04.2009 21:04

you will need gimp or photoshop, open the image in whichever one you prefer. make the "instructions" layer visible(valid for gimp only as far as i know) and read it, then hide it again, render an image of the ship you want to create a shield image for and paste it into this on a new layer, position it on one of the circles, and move a copy of it down 136 pixels until there is one in all six circles.

now make the various layers visible, or hide them, until you get something you like, and save it as a shipnameshield.bmp use it in code like any shield image.

Aeonic 07.07.2009 06:34

This is really useful, I've been using it with Paint Shop Pro 7 for all of my player ship shields.

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