Transcendence Ship Data View Mod
This morning i decided to extract as much information as possible about a ship. I built this function and ran it on the ship list i use in BattleZone. Put here for general consumption, and the hope that someone will provide me with more accurate data
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Author alterecco
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Added (Last modified) 03.03.2009 (12.04.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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digdug 03.03.2009 14:44

5 stars, alterecco!

These infos are priceless !

Prophet 03.03.2009 18:29

It's like trying to read "A tale of two cities" in binary. It's a classic, but oh, so long! How long did that take to run?

alterecco 03.03.2009 18:49

hehe - yeah - it's long and boring, the real meat is in the debug statements. I think it ran in ~5-10 sec.

Star Weaver 24.11.2010 19:22

Wow, now that I realize what this IS, it's really useful. :D

WillyTheSquid 13.02.2012 20:58, what is it and why should I install this?

digdug 14.02.2012 00:53

in Developers Vault, Script Examples, Sources there are nearly NO playable mods. And this is not an exception.Unless you are interested in modding the game, this is pretty much useless to you.

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