USS Defiant View Mod
Screenshot This is the (almost) final (maybe) BETA version of my interpretation of the Startrek USS Defiant.

GFX made by Digdug, included with zip file for ease of use.

'Bussard Ramscoop' & 'LCARS' scripts borrowed from Dalva's 'NCC-1701E' playership.

'Starfleet Phaser' scripts adapted (and nerfed) by me based on original code from Dalva's 'NCC-1701E' playership, includes:
Sf Phaser Type VIII, Sf Phaser Type X & Sf Phaser Type XII

Sf Phaser Pulse Cannon, Sf Torpedo Launcher, & Sf Photon Torpedo Series scripted entirely by me.

This is a BETA release, all torpedoes and phasers are already installed on the playership, and several 'extras' are installed &/or loaded, making this a godling ship. The final version of this ship will be nerfed for better play balance in a normal adventure.
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Author Cygnus.X1
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Added (Last modified) 25.02.2009 (27.02.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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Cygnus.X1 25.02.2009 19:07

BTW, The screen shot was taken using the BattleZone mod by alterecco

Dalva 26.02.2009 12:01

hey your fuel is low. :p

my NCC-1701e's screenshot is originally low on fuel, but i edit it to make it looks almost full :)

Dalva 26.02.2009 12:07

oh btw, i dont see any type XIII phaser, but i do see my type XII phaser

Cygnus.X1 27.02.2009 16:42

:blush: typo

Cygnus.X1 27.02.2009 17:57

Must be a good sign, 45 DLs and not a single complaint =D

Iocrymdestroyer 03.03.2009 04:58

Good ship, but what is with the 5 phasers, the missiles I can understand

Cygnus.X1 03.03.2009 20:07

Beta version, all weapons included for testing. Final version will have only P.Type 12, P.P.Cannon and Q-Torps

Malix 18.11.2009 04:14

Great ship, I love it, and the variety of weapons is nice as well, I hope you don't mind, but I use this ship to test ship mods and such, and learn to mod with. I've rather hacked it into a god ship I think. I did notice at first that it really drained power very quickly, although I quickly hacked it out, I wish I knew about the buzzard scoops at first, I kept having to use fuel rods to recharge until I had to hack the file to give me more of them and restart. Also, some of the enhancement items aren't advanced enough for the systems they're trying to upgrade, like the shield enhancement rom. I have several suggestions for it, but I'm not sure if I should list them all here, as it'd get even spammier than this message.

bigvan 02.01.2011 01:56

Why does the phasers use so much power?

Shane Filomena 01.05.2011 19:50

The weapons are over power draw on the reactor: I learned this with the StarFleet Cruiser and knew to check the weapon draw to adjust it to useable power:

this appears to be a God Mod ship with everything it has on it : so strip it down if you just want to play: otherwise you will not enjoy the ship.

Geojak 13.12.2011 21:19

Hey Cygnus.

I really like your Defiant but it isn`t playable in a normal adventure yet. I balanced. I would really like to share it. Do you mind?

Cygnus.X1 11.09.2012 01:46

Hello all. Sorry I've been away for so long. Looks like I missed quite a few Trans' version updates as well, but I'm going to look into making this a nice balanced playership with the latest version. Don't hold your breath tho ~_^

Cygnus.X1 17.09.2012 22:48

Work is progressing, in bursts... I've had to nerf the crap out of the Federation weapons. The torps look fine as is but are likely way over-powered, but I hardly ever use missile weapons so I gotta work on that part for now. The Phasers are incredibly over-powered in the first several sectors, even after nerfing their damage output and range, and the PPC is worse... I'm trying to strike a balance by making the Phasers very short ranged but still omni, and the PPC long range but much less damaging (and not omni, of course). I've at least got them nerfed enough so that I can't completely own the guard ships of Starton.

In comparing to the vanilla weapons, there doesn't seem to be anything similar in function to the Phaser, but the PPC could be any dual-fire weapon, it's only uniqueness would be the plasma based damage.

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