Armored Freighter View Mod
Screenshot First ship I made for transcendence. plain looking I'll admit. I'm doing these to teach myself 3ds max.

Includes a god mod cargo hold expansion that adds 100 tons and mining and smuggling bonuses.
Categories Ship (Player)
Author Vizth
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Added (Last modified) 25.01.2009 (25.01.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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digdug 25.01.2009 21:16

the ship looks very good! you just need to place the textures and it will be perfect. :D

Vorta 25.01.2009 22:22

A very good, solid mod. The only nitpick I have is that it seems to be a bit too agile for an armored freighter. Other than that, I absolutely love it.

Pedro Yuri 27.01.2009 04:04

this ship is very god Vizth, but they are a little faster, and im know that is your fisrt ship mod, but they are less in device capacity.

Azar Wolf 23.05.2009 20:14

That's very good! Better than my first ship w/ max IMO ^^

Actually, with a little creativity, not even textures are totally necessary to get a good looking ship- all you need is max's materials editor (just press the icon with the four balls on the top toolbar)

I've done all this without a single texture:

Vizth 16.07.2009 06:33

Thanks telling me, butI know about the material editor, that's how I got the few colors I did use on the ship.

I not a new ship in the works i hope to get it looking better than my last ones.

sorry for not replying sooner :)

Little Modder... 08.01.2010 19:16

I really love this ship!

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