NCC-1701E v1.10 View Mod
Screenshot NCC-1701E player ship for Transcendence 0.99c


- Type XII Phaser
- Torpedo launcher with photon and quantum torpedo ammo
- Bussard ramscoop
- LCARS that can also recognize Mnemonic cubes
- stellar cartography department
- No graphical shake
- Torpedo launcher from Cygnus.X1 basic concept
- Torpedo launcher sound
- Startscreen ship image
- Reduced cargo load
- Reduced phaser damage
- Only ablative armor enhancement is available on first spawn
- fixed torpedo launcher power
- fixed torpedo launcher heading
- fixed torpedo launcher description
- resources placed in subfolder to make it neat

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version history:
13 december 2008 v0.75 released
05 march 2008 v1.00 released with lots of fixes
06 march 2008 v1.10 released with torpedo fixes
Categories Ship (Player)
Author Dalva
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Added (Last modified) 13.12.2008 (06.03.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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Dalva 06.03.2009 10:29

comments reset for new v1.10

Marcus 11.06.2011 04:42

I really like the there by chance to mod a version without the overpowered lasers(or maybe one like the chaingun with the heat build up?) and would be nice if you had a shuttle that would serve as a backup ship for the permadeath fans(makes it much more difficult.

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