Solar System Planets View Mod
Screenshot Solar system Planets (mercury, venus,earth, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune and pluto)
All images were rendered by me, instead of Saturn, actually it's a NASA image and I just did the mask.
I placed 3 versions of Earth, a normal one, a night populated one and a burned earth.
Please note that all the planets are rendered from the top but the Gas Giants, which are seen from the front (just like transcendence resources).
Planets are 640x640 (very large) and a mask is included.
Saturn is larger because of the rings.

I know that Pluto is not anymore a planet, I know that Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune have rings.

Pluto's texture is just made up, there are no close enough photos of this planet/planetoid.
I made it shiny because it's mostly made of ice.
Sorry, no clouds on Earth.

The images are all bmp and they have been compressed with RAR then zippped (this saved 3Mb of space)
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