Brotherhood of Oracus-Part One: Decker's Last Stand View Mod
Presenting the first installment of the Brotherhood of Oracus saga, Decker's Last Stand!

There are two possible endings to this installment, depending on your choices. Can you unite humanity before the might of the Brotherhood?

Coming up next, the Ares Civil War!
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digdug 31.10.2008 15:01

this is very interesting, have you planned to do new Oracus powers too ?

Vorta 31.10.2008 20:54

I might do a few. It's still in its very, very early Alpha stages, so nothing besides the basic storyline is for certain yet.

suzacku 01.11.2008 00:00

J. i thought you were gonna call it Decker's Last Stand

Vorta 01.11.2008 00:02

Decker's Last Stand is the very beginning of this quest chain. You'll see why it's called the Brotherhood of Oracus quite soon.

gxmmaker 01.11.2008 00:06

Ah Suzacku, I believed you were going to send a comment to this mod

Should you not be at the meeting today?

gxmmaker 01.11.2008 00:11

I do not see the reason Suzacku that I should put my replay here when we have the IM but fine I will respect your wishes:

If you looked closer at my SECOND text I put that Vorta apparently knows about the clan and I expected you were the “member” of our clan he suspected was me so please let us switch to the meeting IM

gxmmaker 01.11.2008 00:12

O you wanted your friend to see my reply comment; very well then on with the meeting.

gxmmaker 04.11.2008 03:17

Strange, I thought the Brotherhood was not revealed but instead a scouting force of it was.

Vorta 04.11.2008 21:43

Last-minute change. Chapter Two will be the Ares Civil War, and provisions will be made for both endings to Decker's Last Stand.

gxmmaker 06.11.2008 04:30

I hope we still discover the Brotherhood at the end, if only there scouting force.

Vorta 06.11.2008 04:32

The Brotherhood is set to appear in the Ares Civil War as an extremely rare encounter. The scount force won't appear until Chapter Three. Chapter Four will cover the Iocrym campaign, Chapter Five will cover the return of the Order, and Chapter Six will be the final battle. Since this mod is still in its earlier stages of development, the exact order is still quite nebulous.

gxmmaker 06.11.2008 04:35

Wasn't the Icorym supposed to appear in the first chapter. I may be wrong, if that is the scene please forgive me.

Vorta 06.11.2008 04:40

Ah. I think what you were told was an earlier version of the Brotherhood arc. The Iocrym arc was actually the first part I planned.

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