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I hurried and finished this weapon pack it has serveal high profile weapons including an extremly powerful universal destroyer and OmegaGun; enjoy and use the instructions from my Dark Steel Mod if you need them. Give me a commnt if you have some feedback to unload
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Author gxmmaker
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Added (Last modified) 30.10.2008 (04.01.2010)
Game Version 0.99c
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gxmmaker 30.10.2008 21:23

thank you I tried to have good varietion of different types of weapons to attract serveal types of player's weapon interests instead of a single type

Vorta 31.10.2008 11:50


See my comments for the other mod. Most high-level damages, such as posistron, antimatter, and all the Dark damages, have massive bonuses against lower-level armors. If that Lightning cannon is in there, congratulations, you just broke the game.

gxmmaker 31.10.2008 20:54

(Look at my latest comment in my DarkSteelPowerPack Mod)

digdug 08.11.2008 02:49

actually this godmodding pack is interesting, there are plenty of level 20 weapons, that will never show up randomly in the game, but can be used for bosses and are good ideas for PART 2.

Iocrymdestroyer 21.11.2008 02:15

Hey i have no idea how to put these in cause i wnt to, but don't know how to mod so this is useless to me and other people like me

digdug 23.11.2008 02:33

Hi Iocrymdestroyer, unfortunately this is an incomplete mod, and you need some modding skills to make it working. This mod is a bunch of extremely high level weapons that won't show up ingame with random loot, and it's targeted to devs and debug use.

Aeonic 07.07.2009 06:37

It would be nice to see some expansion mods that are actually balanced and ADD decent content to the game instead of breaking it.

digdug 07.07.2009 09:07

that's why it's in "work in progress" :D

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