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Screenshot Four playerships.

Zephyr-class fighter: Fast, agile, and quick accelerating but with restricted total device mass. Two armor segment HUD

Tempest-class gunship: Just as fast and nearly as quick to accelerate as the Zephyr but restricted as to the mass of individual devices.

Typhoon-class heavy gunship: Somewhat sluggish but with a high top speed and excellent armor. Individual restrictions by device type. Five armor segment HUD

Monsoon-class armed courier: A fast and agile but slow accelerating vessel with not insignificant cargo capacity but limited to light armor and restricted from drive upgrades and the largest missile launchers.

Overrides intInstallDevicePrep and intRingerInstallDevicePrep. Their behavior is unchanged for ships without the staticData elements used in the new ships.

Not compatible with 1.2 or later versions of Transcendence.
Categories Graphics, Developers Vault, Ship (Player)
Author Atarlost
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Added (Last modified) 11.10.2008 (12.01.2012)
Game Version 1.01
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Iocrymdestroyer 21.11.2008 02:17

Great mod other than ship size

Atarlost 19.07.2009 23:11

fixed lighting angle error and added graphic(july 19, 2009)

Atarlost 21.08.2009 07:12

Balance adjustment:

Adjusted acceleration and max speed downwards(august 20, 2009)

Atarlost 16.11.2009 10:26

New ship to showcase an improvement to the mass limit function, and the plain conical engine has been replaced with something that won't vanish into the background at certain angles. Sorry no new thumbnail yet.

Atarlost 21.11.2009 03:00

Fixed lighting angle again. (I hadn't saved the updated lighting rig in july so reintroduced it when I changed the models and added the new ship)

Thumbnail's up. The ship selection graphics are still old, and eventually I need to fix the centers of the shield graphics.

Aeonic 21.11.2009 03:24

It might be nice to brighten these ships up a bit - increase the amount of light in your rendering program. Most of the gray ships in Transcendence are really bright almost to the point of being full white at the shiny spots. Not saying it needs to be that bright, but they might fit in better if they're a little lighter. Depends what you're going for, I guess.

Atarlost 21.11.2009 04:13

The highlites are pretty light if not quite as light as the default ships. There just aren't many of them. These ships are composed of flat plates, not curves and that's deliberate. The idea is that flat surfaces are easier to fabricate. That means they're only bright when they face the main light source rather than having the light glare off a curved surface at all facings.

Azar Wolf 21.11.2009 05:32

I like the look.

There's plenty of dark ships anyways (luminous, ranx, etc)

Aeonic 22.11.2009 02:49

So what other ideas to you have for ships with unique abilities or limitations?

Atarlost 04.12.2009 23:23

New update. The Typhoon now also demonstrates seperate mass limits for each armor segment. The forward and rear segments now handle only 12 ton armor while the sides still handle 15 ton armor.

Aeonic 05.12.2009 07:42

How does the ship selection screen handle these limitations?

Atarlost 05.12.2009 18:34

It doesn't know they exist. The ship selection screen cannot be overridden. The ship selection screen will display the xml defined armor maximum even if it never actually applies.

Atarlost 10.12.2009 06:18

Important: If you downloaded between November 16 and December 9, 2009 either redownload or go to line 59 of the xml and replace sriveMax with driveMax. Otherwise you will be unable to install drives on anything. I didn't find this before in the demonstration ship I happened to set max drive mass to zero. Thanks to PKodon for finding the error.

Atarlost 18.03.2011 04:05

New update. New ship, new renders with transparency, new HUD for the Zephyr, new selection screen graphic for the Typhoon.

Bug 26 is back with the new masks. If you don't like it help lobby to get the arena walls fixed properly.

Atarlost 18.03.2011 10:27

Stupid little thrust position error fixed.

Atarlost 10.01.2012 01:06

The functions this mod overwrites to implement mass limits have been deprecated. It does not work properly in 1.07. I'll get a fix up soon I hope, but am working on something else at the moment.

Atarlost 12.01.2012 01:29

Important Update for 1.07

Versions prior to Jan 11, 2012 do not properly implement mass limits in 1.07. Because the problem is with a new function the new version should be backwards compatible for those of you on 1.01.

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