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Auton which goes around the system, blasts asteroids and collects ore. Can also be used as a 'normal' mule.

Uses a minimum amount of 'cheating', i.e. doesn't just go for asteroids which are known to have ore, but 'tries' to shoot them all and 'see' which ones produce ore.

You can even leave it behind, when you return to the system it resumes mining and transforms back to 'auton' status when its cargo is full or when all asteroids are mined.

It doesn't want to mine asteroids really close to friendly stations (to avoid accidentally shooting it) and also tries to stay away from active enemy stations (to avoid getting killed, or at least try).

Bug reports are welcome. It once crashed the game a few versions back, it's possible I've already fixed it but if it happens again I'd like to know (that it still happens, i.e. a bug is still there). You've been warned :)

Edit: new version, no new features but code cleanups and bugfix attempts
Categories Auton, Mining
Author Apemant
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Added (Last modified) 07.10.2008 (24.06.2010)
Game Version 0.99c
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Henrysullivan 08.10.2008 13:12

Nice mod here,

very useful and helpful to had a auto mining auton,

Thanks for uploading it.

P.S: When you give it the "wait" order, then straightly give "mine" order while is waiting there, it crashed my game, just to info you.

Apemant 08.10.2008 22:26

thanks for comment... I uploaded a new version which hopefully fixes it, but I'm still not convinced

Tell me if this new version crashes it again - I just cleared like 3 systems full of asteroids and it didn't crash, but - who knows

Henrysullivan 09.10.2008 11:10

Yes, my crash issues is no longer happening,

maybe you had fixed it or maybe it just work today,

anyway thank you.:)

Now the auton is working smoothly.

Kaama 12.10.2008 23:45

I wonder if You could make a mining scanner that will show asteroids with ore to mine when you come close to them.

Azar Wolf 24.05.2009 01:28

Mind if I use the code as part of my mod, TransX2?

This is genius!

Aeonic 02.07.2009 02:36

This is really cool, and I've been using it a lot in my last game. I currently have 3 mining autons doing my dirty work for me, after I clear out all the hostiles from the star system.

Some issues I've noticed though, when working with more than one auton, they'll periodically stop doing anything when assigned to mine. They'll just go from asteroid to asteroid regularly for a bit and then quit doing anything for no apparent reason. I have to fly over and communicate with them, telling them to form up and then get back to mining.

I've also had Transcendence crash twice while using them, but I can't specify what caused it.

StealthX 20.01.2010 05:34

Is it possible to make it mine only those with

ores? It would save a lot of time.

StealthX 21.01.2010 04:27

I am not an expert modder, but I noticed that this mining auton doesn't have a mining cargohold installed. Would it affect the ore collection just as it does the playerships?

digdug 23.01.2010 17:28

i'm not sure, but we probably need an updated version.

jayvis123111 23.04.2011 18:16

ok 1 thing how do i USE autons I am sorta new to the mod industry but i gave it a good review from comments please help

StealthX 24.04.2011 04:45

First you need the auton in your cargo hold. Then you invoke (press 'u'). You can communicate with your auton by pressing 'c'.

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