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This is an improved remake of the upgradeable mule and wingmen mod from a while ago, redesigned from the ground up by FAD and I.

read the readme! it has much useful info.

want them to stay put while you tackle that Phobos over there? just have them hold position or dock at the nearest friendly station.

ever wish you could guard that freighter without being there? have a wingman do it!

want to upgrade them? now you can dock with your mules and wingmen, drop stuff on them, and then install that stuff. reactors, weapons, shields, armor, barrels, patch spiders, jumpdrives... anything is fair game.

ever wonder how they're holding up? why not ask for a status report?

simply activate the "assess situation" communication upon entering each system and they will both fight and retreat more effectively as well.

find a bug? have a suggeston?
contact information is in the readme, and the related forum topic is
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solo 02.02.2009 18:15

this is what i was looking for

solo 02.02.2009 19:18

This is not upgradeable ,i could not upgrade their ship's configuretion

Atarlost 03.02.2009 05:57

I think only the named wingmen and the mule are upgradeable, not fleet mission wingmen.

solo 06.02.2009 06:07

There is a problem ,recently I took the whole squadron with me from point of juno to Heretic with just "hold " and "cancel form up"order.

Bobby 02.07.2009 07:02


inroduces more reliable method of activating jumpdrives under stress

they tell you when taking damage

xperimental version automatically activates the assess situation when entering a new system

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