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Portable stargates, without ugly hacks, finally made possible in 0.99, thanks to sysCreateStargate. Five stargate items which can be deployed anywhere and then allow jumping from one to another at will. Ideal for deploying near Thor's Wondrous Devices :-D

Edit: replaced Alien modifier with MinorItem, and enhanced the description of stargates' location (e.g. 'not far nortwest of Sisters of Domina')
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Author Apemant
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Added (Last modified) 01.10.2008 (04.10.2008)
Game Version 0.99c
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Darth Saber 04.08.2009 18:15

Good job, Apemant; these devices have been extremely useful to me in setting up profitable "trade routes" in the Trans-Universe.

Curudan 04.09.2009 04:35

After removing a stargate from a system, I am unable to re enter that system without getting a crash. This is from the error log.

Save file error: Unable to find named object: ZetaGate [ffffffff]

Unable to load system: 6

Error loading system: Orgos (9390)

I can send you a save file, if you want.

Darth Saber 05.09.2009 20:40

That is a queer developement, Curudan. I have used the portable stargates a lot since Apemant first uploaded it, and I have yet to run into the problem which you have described. Try running the mod with a fresh version of Transcendence, and see if the problem reoccurs. There might be a conflict with one of your other mods. :-)

Dogma 18.07.2010 17:22

I love this mod, could you update for 1.01?

Azar Wolf 18.07.2010 18:38

I don't think apemant is still around; I haven't seen him lately.

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