HK2250 - Stars of Call - 006 - Refined View Mod
Screenshot 2009-01-13 EDIT : replaced ZIP with both versions 005+006, because 006 seems to be unstable, sometimes crashing the game.

Updated with 6th testbed version for the "Stars of Call" Elite-like concept in the "Hoshikaze 2250" universe.

Now includes :
- Police ships patrolling the system and attacking pirates they encounter,
- Pirate ships now wander until they encounter a freighter to attack,
- 2 SoC-specific player ships.

A number of freighters, police and pirates are spawned at system creation. Traffic Manager Station now takes police ships into account.

You can create extra ships and see them interact, and ask any ship its status.

See file "HK2250-SoC-006-Refined.txt" for more details.

To be continued...
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Author Mutos
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Added (Last modified) 07.09.2008 (13.06.2009)
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spiderdan100 20.12.2008 13:58

it dont work

Pedro Yuri 26.12.2008 04:38

The file "JumpPoint" not work and transcendence not work! Please fix that file.

Mutos 31.12.2008 09:38

Hi all,

Thanks for the comments, but please be more specific and maybe post in the forum. I'll try to fix any reported bug asap. Take example on darksider's reports, they are well detailed and very useful.

Pedro Yuri : what is the --file-- "JumpPoint" ? There's a JumpPoint object and several references to it. Could you please post more details in the forum so I could fix ? A filename or an error message would be OK.

Thanks in advance for any comments and details !


Benoît 'Mutos' ROBIN

fanofcena 21.05.2009 11:02

err nothing worked on my system ie no land no new frieghter everything

Den 12.06.2009 09:17

I can't land on the planets and when I play the game closes down.Can anyone fix this problem because I really want to play this.

digdug 12.06.2009 11:47

Den, this mod is in Development. For now, it creates the ships traffic network.

Den 13.06.2009 10:33

So why isn't it in work in progress category?

digdug 13.06.2009 13:51

Right, moved to Development

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