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Screenshot Replaces all icons for kinetic and laser weapons with more type dependent ones

UPDATE 30/8/08: Added icons for particle and ion icons, added weapons from modules, added lamplighter replacer to zip.

UPDATE 13/9/08: Added blast weapons.

UPDATE 4/10/08: Replaced laser weapon icon, sorted into new folder structure
Categories Graphics
Author Kittehbob
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Added (Last modified) 29.08.2008 (04.10.2008)
Game Version 0.99a
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Kittehbob 13.09.2008 12:34

54 dls and no comments? I'mma go cry now ;_;

digdug 13.09.2008 14:55

well, what can I say... I love them ! :)

Marvin 02.10.2008 18:23

Looking good!

soggydoggy 08.12.2008 06:16


Variety is great

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