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This is the old Fleets mod by Thom. It redefines stations to include ships that wander around until they find something to blow up. Kind of like Xenophobes, just less xenophobic. It has been cleaned up for .98b and updated to include modern ships. It also adds fleets for stations that existed but did not have fleets in the previous version such as CSCs and Charon Pirate stations. It also adds the Centurion X to armed CW stations and the Aquila Cruiser to CSCs.
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Added (Last modified) 01.09.2007 (15.09.2007)
Game Version 0.98b
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F50 02.09.2007 00:10

This mod was rather easy to update. All you need to do to include a new station is:

1. Copy the station definition from the source files into the fleets.xml

2. Add a few ships with orders to "wander" or "escort" a wandering ship. You can find a template for this in the other existing stations.

Adding a new ship to a station is basically the same thing except without step 1 and you may have to add it to several stations depending on where the ship appears.

(name here) 24.05.2008 15:13

it has a crash bug in .98d

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