Taipan GodShip 1.8 View Mod
Updated in 1.8
Requires 1.8 or higher.

Version 7 of the Taipan GodShip for game version 1.8, formerly the Scorpion GodShip.

Features include dock services with enhancements, mapping, restore, travel within and between systems, create items and create and find ships and stations, ranks, map marker, install/remove ROMs, set currencies, show targeted ships information, change orders and sovereign, view station info and items, upgrade playership devices and armor.

Totally unbalanced for gameplay but fun if you just want to blow up everything in sight.

Thanks to gunship265, alterecco, TVR, AP, TranskGeek, Betelgeuse, JBW, PM, Arkheias, marsrocks, digdug, DigaRW, Wolfy, Shrike, RPC, NMS, 0xABCDEF, xephyr, sjf, giantcabbage, Derakon, AdmiralZo, WeedersDog97, Kaama and everyone I've forgotten.
And George for a great game.
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Author relanat
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Added (Last modified) 01.08.2019 (02.09.2019)
Game Version 1.8
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relanat 02.09.2019 05:54

Reuploaded at 53 downloads.

No change to the mod, the files are in a folder now instead of spread everywhere.

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