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RATA by VCant Shipyards is a small fighter with a dual weapon (based on the historical Polikarpov i16 :-)

NB : I know that graphics is my weak spot... Ship is not so elegant and I have to improve the shield/armors design!

...so, any help is welcome ;-)
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Author vcant
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Added (Last modified) 24.05.2018 (24.05.2018)
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relanat 30.05.2018 04:27

Nice work. Well done. This mod is a lot of fun.

If you change the starboard ArmorSection from segment="3" to segment="2" then the third armor segment will appear in the armor HUD. And thank you very much for the comments in the mod about what the different bits of code do. Invaluable.

Also there are a heap of really good graphics modders who are on the forum or Discord who can help with any graphics problems you are having.

Digarw 04.06.2018 06:36

Nice ship you got there...

I fell like playing retro games, a few render to images miake them more better.

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