Taipan GodShip View Mod
Updated in 1.8b2
Requires 1.8b2 or higher.

The next version of the Scorpion GodPlayership.
Designed to help with mod testing.

Features include dock services, mapping, restore, travel within and between systems, create items and create and find ships and stations, ranks, map marker, install/remove ROMs, set currencies, show targeted ships information, change orders and sovereign.

Totally unbalanced for gameplay but fun if you just want to blow up everything in sight.

Thanks to gunship265, alterecco, TVR, AP, TranskGeek, Betelgeuse, JBW, PM, Arkheias, marsrocks, digdug, DigaRW, Wolfy, Shrike, RPC, NMS, 0xABCDEF, xephyr, sjf, giantcabbage, Derakon, AdmiralZo and everyone I've forgotten.
And George for a great game.
Categories Developers Vault, DockScreens, Ship (Player),
Author relanat
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Added (Last modified) 13.05.2018 (27.06.2018)
Game Version 1.8a1
Filesize 1000.15 KB
Downloads 274
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Warly 16.05.2018 20:50

Hello, what should I do if I get an error? Taipan GodShip-class gunship (d78910c1): unknown image: d78910c6

Help please

relanat 26.05.2018 04:17

Hi. Warty. Try extracting a new version of 1.8b1 and putting the mod into the new game.

I have been getting odd errors that do not occur in newly extracted games.

I cannot see anything in the code that would cause this but will check the mod again tonight and get back to you.

relanat 27.06.2018 04:55

Wartys problem solved.

V5 uploaded at 91 downloads.

Requires 1.8b2.

Fixed duplicate dockscreen actions.

Added Target module; thanks to DigaRW. Target a ship to get ship info, change orders or sovereign, restore or destroy the ship.

Added All Globals to Debug Screen action.

relanat 26.11.2018 10:10

Oops. Just noticed it is Warly not Warty. Sorry, my bad.

Amteloletom 01.12.2018 22:10

Are this mod can be used in VoTG?

Or in the future?

relanat 04.12.2018 09:59

Unfortunately this mod does not work in VOTG. There are three different types of ship in VOTG so I think it will need three different godships. There is an early version here https://forums.kronosaur.com/viewtopic.php?p=76006#p76006 but is has many bugs and incomplete features. It will be a while before a decent version is released.

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