The Final Strike View Mod
Taking place in the year 2427, you decide to return to Human Space after only spending 2 years outside the Quarantine Zone.

A lot has changed in that time. The Commonwealth Fleet has discovered a new semi-linear chain of systems off HD 44594, and has built a new stronghold: Point Juventia.

Help the Fleet in their campaign by completing the 22 new and unique CSC and Point Juventia missions, in preparation for the final strike.

Please download these resources as well:

Extract all the files, then copy all the files from TheFinalStrikeResources1 and TheFinalStrikeResources2. Go to the Resources folder in TheFinalStrike and paste them there.

For more information visit:
Categories Weapon, Usable, Systems and Topology,
Station (Friendly), Station, Ship (Player),
Ship (Enemy), Graphics, DockScreens,
Devices, Auton, Adventure Extensions
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