Network View Mod
1.8a1 SOTP
Requires Version 1.7 or higher.

The Network. Originally by DrakoSlyith and updated by pixelfck as "The Network Repaired".

Updated in Version 1.8a1.
This is a separate adventure based on SOTP and you will see all the original systems in this game and many more as well.
Lots of fighting in some systems, sabotaged stargates and prison breaks are a few teasers.
Works in 1.7 but is better in 1.8a1.
No Benedict missions in this version.
Includes Elysium.

It may take several minutes for the game to start because there are a lot of systems in this adventure.
Many thanks to everyone for previous code help, forum/Ministry posts and code examples in mods.
And George for a great game.
Categories Adventure Extensions, Systems and Topology
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Added (Last modified) 22.06.2017 (22.06.2017)
Game Version 1.8a1
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Shane Filomena 24.06.2017 21:20

I have the Network in my collection, however, my biggest gripe ( in Debug ) was the amount of unacceptable language I found.

I do hope your version cleans up this mess.

AssumedPseudonym 03.07.2017 14:56

Let me gripe at RPC about that. Again.

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