Flare Weapon View Mod
This mods contain weapon that can call a squadron to kill enemy target. It require ammo and uses launcher slot.
Tier 1 will call Hornet-class battlepod
Tier 2 will call Earthzone-class armed shuttle
Tier 3 will call Ronin/A-class gunship
Tier 4 will call Ronin/B-class gunship
Tier 5 will call Ronin/C-class gunship
Tier 6 will call Wolfen-class gunship
Tier 7 will call Centurion-class heavy gunship
Tier 8 will call Centurion/X-class heavy gunship
Tier 9 will call Britannia-class heavy gunship
Categories Weapon
Author Digarw
Rating 2   0
Added (Last modified) 11.06.2017 (24.07.2017)
Game Version 1.7
Filesize 3.64 KB
Downloads 61
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Digarw 19.06.2017 14:30

Reuploaded at 12 downloads, reworking the mods. Now uses variety of ammo rather than variety of weapon.

Digarw 24.07.2017 15:04

Reuploaded at 55 downloads,

- Reworking the flare overlay.

- Balancing the ammo value.

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